Pieathalon 2018 – Meet Crazy Neighbor Dude

As y’all might recall, once a year I participate in Dinner is Served 1972‘s pieathalon with a bunch of other vintage obsessed food bloggers. We swap recipes and bake what we’re assigned. Because I’m a Class A bitch, I always submit something horrible for someone else to make. That’s how I roll. This year I offered up “Cool Mint Cookie Pie” which I’m pretty sure tastes like tinted green sadness. In return I received Dutch Peaches and Cream Pie.

According to the Googles, there’s nothing Dutch about a Dutch pie. And honestly, there’s nothing about this pie that made me want to eat it. That’s where Crazy Neighbor Dude comes in.

I’m super lucky, given that I’m a Class A bitch, to have good neighbors on both sides of my home. On one side the kids babysit my dogs when I’m out of town, and on the other side Crazy Neighbor Dude is my safety net. He’s scared off whackjobs from my yard, taken me to the ER, and has actually babysat me. In exchange, I bake for him. He gets cookies, cupcakes and I even got him his own pie plate that he drops off to have refilled with homemade pecan pie. The poor bastard I’m married to doesn’t get the same kind of homebaked love. (Class A bitch, remember?)

So, this recipe is pretty simple. Even easier when you half-ass it like I did. The pie crust came from the Pillsbury Doughboy and the peaches came pre-sliced in a can.

Pre-sliced peaches FTW

Throw on some sugar, flour and cinnamon

Slather it up with sour cream and a little more cinnamon sugar

Baked up and oozing.

And then delivered it to Crazy Neighbor Dude! Btw… I have him so well trained that all I have to do is text him the word “Driveway” and he comes running.

Meet Crazy Neighbor Dude. Yes, that’s a cannon in his yard.

Crazy Neighbor Dude’s official review:

Just had a slice of pie, still slightly warm and I gotta say! It tasted classic. Warm peach is always delicious. The top layer was quite tricky on the eyes. Lol. It looks like it’d be crusty but when I cut into it it was very soft. Lol. The texture is quite amazing. It has a perfect amount of crunch to it.

So… there you have it. Crazy Neighbor Dude approved.

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16 thoughts on “Pieathalon 2018 – Meet Crazy Neighbor Dude

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  2. kalamitykelli

    I love how you shared the pie with your neighbor! I had a blast doing this year’s challenge because of course I have been doing it for all the years, like you, I understand the funny side of submitting a crappy pie for someone to make………..this year, my submission was a Mock Apple Pie made with Ritz Crackers! Loved the post and I’ll see ya next year!

  3. Poppy

    It’s nice that you got one that is pretty easy to put together. That’s a good idea to give away Pieathalon pies to the neighbors, although I would probably end up making enemies if I did that.

  4. Kari

    I have had blueberry pies with that type of sour cream topping, so I can see how it would work with peaches. Your Crazy Neighbor Dude seems awesome! I really appreciate the juxtaposition of the “Welcome” sign and the cannon. “Welcome! Beware!”

  5. S S

    I love how happy your neighbor looks to get a pie! Also that he has a fricken cannon spotlighted in front of his house. That pie looks so pretty. Also, I read the article you linked to and for some reason had a fit of immaturity and laughed more than I should have at this sentence: “The Dutch are and were very fond of nuts.”
    Thank you for the recipe! It was an adventure with a surprisingly happy ending!

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