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Holiday Glögg and Easy Holiday Smorgasbord


Glögg is a popular hot punch served throughout Scandinavia on cold winter evenings. During the holiday season it is a refreshing change from the omni-present eggnog. The ingredients for the smorgasboard listed below have been selected from convenience foods (canned and deli foods) easily found at supermarkets.

Select from the following list according to number of guests expected; arrange food on plates or platters and place on buffet table, or, for small parties, arrange dishes on large platter or antipasto tray. SErve a variety of homemade or bakery-fresh dark breads and dinner rolls, along with side dishes of mustard, mayonnaise, and horseradish.

Marinated herring
Herring in sour cream
Deli potato salad mixed with sliced or Harvard beets
Smoke salmon fillets
Canned or fresh (cooked) lobster, crabmeat, or shrimp salad
Picked Eggs
Canned reindeer meatballs (heated)
Canned Scandinavian fish balls (heated)
Egg salad
Sliced ham
Sliced turkey
Sliced tongue
Sliced smoked eel
Cheese (Brie, blue, and assorted Scandinavian cheeses available at delis)
Cucumber Salad
Pickles (dill, gherkins, bread-and-butter)
Sliced tomatoes

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