Crevettes au cidre (Shrimp in Apple Cider)

2 cups of hard cider
½ cup coarse salt
4 cups water
1 pound tiny raw shrimp

1. Put the cider, salt and pepper in water. Bring to a slow boil and continue boiling for 10 minutes until the salt has dissolved completely.

2. Put the shrimp in the boiling liquid. Continue to boil gently for 5 minutes, shaking the saucepan from time to time. Drain.

3. Serve warm with fresh butter.

Hard cider is the Normandy drink, par excellence. It is used like wine in cooking, but not as frequently. It adds, however, its special taste to numerous recipes.

© Shufunotomo Co., Ltd., Japan, 1971. Published in the United States and Canada by BOBLEY PUBLISHING, a division of Illustrated World Encyclopedia, Inc. Printed in Japan.

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