Lobster Soup With Cucumbers and Dried Mushrooms (Ise-ebi to kyuri no soup) Oyster Miso Soup (Kaki no miso shiru)

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
To serve: 4

You will need
1 medium-sized lobster
4 dried or fresh mushrooms
1/2 cucumber; salt
2 pints water
1 teaspoon sake (Japanese rice wine) or sherry (see Card No. 20)
1 teaspoon soy sauce; 1/4 teaspoon monosodium glutamate
4 pieces yuzu or lemon peel

Prepare lobster and cut into 8 pieces. Soak mushrooms in warm water and when soft remove stalks. If fresh mushrooms are used, remove stalks and make a cut across each mushroom. Rub cucumber well with salt and cut into 8 1/4-inch slices. Remove the centre, and make a cut in one place in four of the slices. Slip each cut slice into one of the uncut slices, so that they will look like two rings linked together. Boil the water, add salt and the pieces of lobster and cook for 20 minutes. Remove lobster and sprinkle with sake. Strain the stock, and return 1 1/4 pints to the pan. Cook the cucumber for a few minutes in the remaining stock, remove and cook the mushrooms in the same stock. Put the lobster, cucumber and mushroom into a soup tureen. Add soy sauce, monosodium glutamate and salt to taste to the 1 1/4 pints stock in the pan. Bring to boiling point and pour into the tureen. Lastly add yuzu peel.

Oyster miso soup
Kaki no miso shiru

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
To serve: 4

You will need

1/2 lb. oysters, weighed when removed from shells
5-inch piece of dashi kobu (if unavailable, add 1/2 teaspoon monosodium glutamate to water in which oysters are cooked)
1/2 lb. bean curd, cut in 3/4-inch lengths
3 1/2 tablespoons miso
4 asatsuki or chives, cut in 1/8-inch lengths

Wash oysters in salted water and drain. Put 1 1/4 pints water into a pan, add the washed dashi kobu if used. Heat to just below boiling point. Remove the dashi kobu. When water boils, add oysters, remove any scum and add bean curd. Bring to boiling point again. Mix the miso with the little of the hot liquid, then stir into the rest of the liquid. Bring to the boil, add asatsuki or chives and remove from the heat. Pour into bowls and serve hot.

©Shufunotomo Col, Ltd., Japan 1968
English text © Shufunotomo Co., Ltd., Japan 1968

2 thoughts on “Lobster Soup With Cucumbers and Dried Mushrooms (Ise-ebi to kyuri no soup) Oyster Miso Soup (Kaki no miso shiru)

    1. iamsurly Post author

      I have 3 different sets. Chinese, Japanese and French… but they are all created in Japan. I don’t know the full extent of the collection… it’s like a magical find every time a set appears.


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