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Three Pineapple Salads

1. Pineapple-Mint Bites

Fresh pineapple
Fresh mint leaves

Wash pineapple, do not peel or remove top.  Cut pineapple in quarters, remove core. Carefully cut each quarter free of shell; cut the fruit in 1/2 inch slides crosswise and return to shell.  Top each slice with a leaf of mine speared with a cocktail pick.

2. Pineapple-Strawberry Boats

Fresh pineapple
Fresh strawberries, washed and hulled

Wash pineapple, do not peel or remove top.  Cut pineapple in quarters.  Carefully cut each quarter at shell line and under core to free fruit, leaving core attached to shell.  Cut fruit in large cubes and replace in shell – alternating each cube with a fresh strawberry.

3. Tropical Fruits On The Half Shell

Fresh pineapple
Fresh peaches, sliced
Bananas, sliced
Papaya, sliced
Preserved kumquats
Lime slices, Maraschino cherries, sliced almonds

Wash pineapple and cut in half do not peel or remove top. Carefully cut fruit from shell; reserve shell. Discard core and dice fruit.  Combine diced pineapple, peaches, bananas, papaya, and kumquats and pile into shells. Garnish with lime slices, cherries and sliced almonds.

Helpful Hint: Any combination of fruits in season – including apples, oranges and grapes – can be incorporated into this salad. Shredded coconut can be used. Chopped Macadamia nuts can replace almonds.  If preserved kumquats are omitted, an ounce of rum or kirsch can be added to fruit melange.

Recipe & Photograph courtesy of Curtin Publications, Inc., New York, NY  ©1973