Pieathalon 2016 – Transparent Pie


Function:	adjective
1 a : transmitting light so that objects lying beyond are entirely visible b : fine or sheer enough to be seen through 
2 : easily detected or understood
- trans·par·ent·ly adverb 

Things that are transparent:

This Dress

This Dress

This Chair

This Chair

This Creepy Fish

This Creepy Fish

Things that are not transparent:

This Pie

This Pie

What is also not transparent is the reason why anyone would want to eat this. While I’m a fan of butter and sugar, there is SO MUCH of it in this pie that it’s weirdly unpleasant to eat.


The recipe comes from the 1955 edition of Massillon Cook Book, which is a regional cookbook from Massillon, Ohio. If this pie gives you a hankering to visit the area, you can find fun things to do there on Facebook.

The Recipe

The Recipe

I beg to differ with the cooking time. It took over 90 minutes at 250°F to get it to cook. The recipe also made enough filling for 2 pies when I made it. So now I need to find some poor unsuspecting neighbor to eat the other pie since my husband, The Poor Bastard, can’t eat both.

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12 thoughts on “Pieathalon 2016 – Transparent Pie

  1. Yinzerella

    What a weird-ass recipe. Thanks for joining again!!!
    Fun thing about Massillon, OH. There was a documentary made about the HS football team.

    The football coach was my gym teacher before he moved to OH. Great guy.

  2. Poppy

    I had my doubts that it would really be transparent, but I really wonder why transparency was supposed to be a big selling point anyway! Thank you for enduring my recipe! 😉

  3. Jim

    I’ve got a family recipe for Transparent Pie, and it’s always been a family favorite. Pretty rich, for sure, but mine has cream instead of milk, and I don’t remember any nutmeg in it. Came through my mother’s side of the family, and they’re OH people, too (Akron), so maybe it’s an OH or KY thing.

  4. Jackie

    I am originally from Ohio. I say Cleveland because if I say Parma Hts. No one knows what I am talking about. I was wondering where you got the cookbook. It looks like something I would love to get for my collection.
    As for transparent pie I have never heard of that one. The only unusual one was the Mince Meat pie my mom made for my dad every Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Those were the only times she could even stand to make it.

    1. iamsurly Post author

      Hi- I don’t have the cookbook. The recipe was sent to my by a fellow blogger to use to create the pie. You might be able to find a copy on Ebay.

  5. greg

    I was totally intrigued by the pie title and now my illusions are totally shattered! I think I’ll never go to Massilon,OH just because of this now! YOUR pie (even though it’s opaque) is picture perfect! I guess that’s a good thing…might have been difficult to photograph if it really was transparent.

  6. tarynnicole

    Oh Lord, 4 cups of sugar for one pie!!! It looks so pretty, no one would be able to tell that it w could put you into a diabetic coma after three bites. Taryn xx

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