Mixed Hors D’oeuvre


A simple selection of ingredients, as in the picture, make a delicious hors d’oeuvre.

Arrange them in individual dishes on a tray or in lines on a large dish, so that it is easy for everyone to help themselves.

Some items are prepared with a dressing, the recipes for which may be found on other cards. French dressing, Card 15; Mayonnaise, Card 26.*

Russian salad: Mix cooed diced fresh vegetables or canned vegetables or frozen vegetables with mayonnaise. To make a more unusual salad, chopped hard-cooked eggs and chopped ham may be blended with the vegetables.

Salami: A selection of salami should be sliced neatly; rings of raw onion and watercress sprigs are a colorful garnish.

Potato salad: Dice cooked potatoes while hot, mix with mayonnaise and grated raw onion or chopped scallion or chives. Chopped parsley, diced gherkin, capers may also be included and a garnish of paprika and chopped parsley gives color. Add chopped celery and chopped green sweet pepper for a more interesting salad.

Gherkins, sliced cucumber tossed in French dressing, sliced or whole stuffed green or ripe olives are generally found in hors d’oeuvre.

Rollmop or Bismarck herring: Bought in jars if wished, should be topped with rings of raw onion; there are many other ways of serving herring for a meal started – see other cards in this section.

Egg mayonnaise: Coat whole or halved hard-cooked eggs with mayonnaise, top with chopped parsley and paprika; or fill the whites of hard-cooked eggs with shrimp, prawns, or crab meat blended with mayonnaise and topped with sieved egg yolk.

Beets, tomato, sardines, corn, shrimp or prawns may also be added to a mixed hors d’oeuvre tray.

*At some point I’ll add these cards. But I’m pretty sure y’all can figure out how to make or buy both!

Printed in Canada. © Copyright Paul Hamlyn, Ltd 1967

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