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Ham in Aspic

July 26, 2012

Cooking time: few mins. to heat water for jelly.
Preparation time: 30 mins.
Main utensil: 5 -cup deep round mold or pan

For 6 servings you need:
2/12 cups aspic jelly
few stuffed olives
1/2 cup cooked peas
1 hard-cooked egg white
1-l can ham
8 cooked prunes
2 hard-cooked eggs
1 hard-cooked egg yolk

Approximate calories:
Aspic jelly – virtually none
Peas – 56 for 1/2 cup
Cooked or canned lean ham – 1600 for 1 lb meat
Dried prunes – 25 for 1 large
A boiled egg – 80

1. Pour in enough aspic jelly to give 1/4 inch layer at the bottom of the mold.

2. Allow to set, then arrange the sliced olives, peas, and white egg on this, then cover with a very little more cold jelly.

3. Put this into a cool place to become quite firm.

4. Dice the ham, pit and chop the prunes and mix with the chopped eggs and yolk.

5. Put this into the mold; then gently pour in enough cold, but not set, aspic jelly to cover.

6. Put into a cool place for the mold to set and allow remainder of the jelly to set separately.

TO SERVE: Turn out, garnish with the chopped jelly, and serve with a green salad.

TO VARY: Use half tomato juice and half water to set the jelly.

TO STORE: In the refrigerator.

To turn out a mold: Dip for a few seconds only in hot water, then invert over serving dish.

©Copyright Paul Hamlyn Ltd 1967

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